Thursday, July 13, 2017

By my kids

Doily dream catchers

Star Wars Origami

Lamp for Uncle Charlie's Birthday

Yarn Teepee

Painted Pine Cone Wreath

Saturday, December 3, 2016


Houzz had an article about interesting upcycled vanities and I posted a photo of mine in the comments. I was contacted for a follow-up article and was included!

All thanks to the awesome sink done by BRUCE!


Finally got the shelves done 6 months later.... What an upgrade to having everything sitting on the floor!

Monday, November 7, 2016

Sheet Music Wreath

Using my grandparents' old music, I made my kids' teachers some pretty wreaths for Christmas!

1-Cut full-length page in half
2-dip in water so paper won't fold
3-go back and forth making an accordion fan and bend in half around wire wreath frame (I cut mine into two wreaths with two rows each)
4-staple tiny fan in place around the wire - I used 4 pieces for the outside wire and 3 pieces for the inside wire 
5-Fold the inside row inwards so you cannot see the staples
6-let dry
7-Go through each fan and fluff out the folds by creasing backwards--This step is messy - don't worry too much. It helps if you paper is still a little damp so the pages don't rip
8-spray with starch

5-Fold inner fan edge inward so you can't see the staples
7-Fluff your fans
4-See staples to hold fans in place around wire
Et Voila!
Oh and the kids made trees!